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Based on your business development and marketing objectives, we can create bespoke packages designed specifically for you. From presenting your expertise on the main stage to hosting an exclusive networking drinks, you can partner with us to generate leads, showcase your brand and make valuable new connections. Opportunities predominantly lie in 3 main categories: Thought Leadership, Branding and Networking. Contact us at +44 (0)20 3696 2920 or email: [email protected]

Markets & Networks

Our audiences are driving innovation, market growth and changing the way business is and can be done. Our goal is to accelerate that change by facilitating new connections, partnerships and a fresh view on what's possible.

Thought Leadership

Our global conference and webinar series helps define the industry agenda for the months ahead. Taking a lead role allows our partners to influence the content and direction of our forums, share their insights and shape not only the discussion during these meetings but for the industry as a whole.


The premium opportunity to access senior leaders and innovators within our network is at our annual flagship events run globally. Providing a keynote presentation sets the stage for the rest of the event and represents the most prominent role at our events. We utilise our deep understanding of the challenges faced by the markets we serve to help guide the focus of your keynote and ensure you are appropriately represented.

  • Webinars
    Whilst traditionally used as an excellent lead generation tool, our webinar series has the added benefit of engaging leaders from all stakeholder groups within our markets, providing our partners an excellent opportunity to share insight with a wide spectrum of industry leaders.
  • Workshops
    These extended length deep dives allow our partners to tailor the session content around a very specific audience which we help custom build and confirm, a favoured option for many of the strategic partners we work with.
  • Roundtables
    Being the hosts of a high value topic specific discussion is one of the simplest ways for your team to share their experience and expertise. Critical to all of our events is the opportunity for our audience to interact with our partners in a more intimate and informal setting to ask questions and get well informed answers. Our focused roundtables offer this opportunity and are extremely well received by our audience as there is the opportunity to provide that level of personal attention that is highly valued.


Being front of mind for the market you serve is a fundamental part of being a leader in your space. Our deep engagement with our markets across many channels, including digitally and in-person at our conferences provides you multiple opportunities to align yourself with the marquee event in the industry.

  • Onsite Visibility
    Through simple and effective tools like our website, dedicated meeting areas, venue and stage signage, we provide multiple opportunities for our onsite and virtual audience to experience the 'positioning' we are able to deliver.
  • Webinars
    Given the extensive reach of our webinars, both in terms of the dedicated marketing we deliver leading up to the webinar date, in addition to the branding provided on-screen during the live webinar and seen by all on-demand viewers, our webinar series provides an exceptional opportunity to position your brand.
  • Sponsored Content
    By leveraging our marketing and promotion of sponsored content you can be assured of a deep and extensive reach into the market, both by those opening our emails and visiting our website, but also by those accessing the content itself.
  • Booth (live and virtual)
    Exhibit booths and designated meeting areas at both our virtual and in-person events are a tried and true method to engage our audience, reinforce a visual presence as well as create a natural conversation point and opportunity to share collateral and make new connections


Our global Summit series showcases the most exciting innovations in each of the markets we serve, connecting those businesses with financial investors and strategic corporate partners, making them the sector’s marquee global summit series. By extension, this audience engages with us across all our digital and in-person touch points creating multiple opportunities to connect.

Networking Drinks Receptions

A popular choice that brings together the audience at our live events in a informal setting, providing an exceptional opportunity to connect with a large number of our audience in a short period of time, not to mention the added branding and engagement opportunity this provides.

  • Executive Leaders Dinner
    With our EVP and senior leadership network, we have successfully established what are now the must attend gatherings for these leaders across the series.
  • Workshops
    You provide a profile audience and wish list of companies you would like to engage during the workshop and we utilise our deep industry connections and relationships to deliver a highly engaged and relevant audience to connect with.

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